Herbal recipes

Herbs have been enjoyed by all people since humans have collected plants for food. That evolved into finding the correct plants to prepare magical elixir for all ailments from sleep disorders to stomach aches.

The founding members of HERB KNOW have been involved in herb recipes and herbal medicine for over 35 years. We also hold several patents for remote area power systems for remote area living. We live with our own power system. The Grid is miles away.

The Healers of old have used herbs successfully for centuries.

Tea lovers love the selection of our delicious herbal tea blends. Please check out the selection we have found for you.

Herbal teas are now becoming the drink of choice replacing coffee as the favorite hot or cold drink to share with friends and family.

Here at Herb Know you will find many remedies, and how to grow the required herbs. You might even learn how to generate your own power for your green houses as well. We are dedicated to helping you live healthier. Whether you live in a small studio apartment or a large farm, everyone can grow healthy plants and herbs, even in small places.

To add to your enjoyment, Herb know has assembled a wide selection of tea sets from the most basic sets to heirloom serving sets. More than just collectibles, your herbal tea set could become a family treasure and part of your family history, just like my grandmothers tea set became.

Our family truly enjoyed Grandmothers blend of herbal tea on those cold winter days, while she told stories of her early life in her homeland and her first meeting of grandpa at the tea shop. Some of her herbal recipes for colds and flu, were not drunk, only inhaled, and they worked great.
If you have a favorite herbal tea that is not in our store please let us know. We will try to find the best quality and price for you.

If you would like a comprehensive Reference Guide for Ailments, Remedies, Herbs, and all things Herbal. Herb Know has a great downloadable e-book packed full of good stuff, even recipes for all your needs and enjoyment.

Do you have a family proven recipe you would like to share with our many readers?
Let us know, so we can add it here and give you credit, or give your grandmother the credit.

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