alternative ways of gardening

Most people would like to be healthier in 2017.

So I am starting a Year long Article on Aqua and Hydroponics systems, soil gardening, food harvesting, and food storage.
So, follow along and meet a surprise guest later this year, so we can all enjoy new recipes and wonderful food together.

Why I choose Aqua and Hydroponics systems.
I live in mountains of Montana, in an underground house.
I live off grid. So electric is a great challenge.
Water can be a huge issue, almost a war.
Our creek is unique and very fun. I love hearing waterfalls.
You will love healthy herbs for seasoning and wonderful tea.
There is nothing like the taste of fresh vegetables. My family and my Macaw love them.

​With Goats, chickens, geese, turkeys, and goats, not counting deer, elk, goats, coyote, bears, raccoons, rabbits. Did I mention the new 7 baby goats? It makes sense to grow inside away from the goats.  If you don’t have goats then you will not understand the mischief in the nature of goats.  That would be a different webpage.

It has been proven herbs and all produce grows faster, in a hydro system. Fresh lettuce in 3 weeks, WOW.

It is easier as well.
I don’t have to pick through rocks. My yard is full of rocks. From little ones to boulders bigger then my head.
Then we get to dig mounds, holes for fencing (to keep the deer, elk and goats out), and holes for planting, picking more boulders out of the yard.

​With soil gardening you have to get the rotor-tiller out. Pray really hard no one has eaten any of the major hose’s or wiring.
Then after many repairs, try using it with all the animals in the way either looking for the worms or good stuff that might come to the surface. While behind you the chickens, and turkeys enjoy helping me filling in what I already dug. And, I hope they did not eat the seed I just planted.  I could go on and on about my reasons.

Two main reasons for you not to garden.
Small living space or a small yard.
Not enough time.
This is what I hear a lot.
So I found some information that will help you as well.
You don’t need 50 head of lettuce nor 10 bushes of tomatoes!
That would feed your neighborhood, your local restaurants and you.
​Small and simple is what will probably do for you.

Hydro Gardening is very easy.
The first step is a couple of weekend to set up a big system that will last a long time. Or a plug and grow system kit here on my site.  I found some really great ones. Look thru the list to find the one that is best suited for your family or build your own from plans, It truly is an efficient use of space, These systems have exactly what they need to grow, Especially oxygen. Oxygen helps the plants absorb the nutrients. Food tastes  better  and is much healthier than its soil counterparts. And at least 300% more nutrients.

Hydroponics’ gardens typically require far less water and nutrients per pound of product than soil-based agriculture, typically 70-90 percent less. Hydroponics allows the grower control over the taste, aroma, and nearly eliminate weeds, disease, and insect control.

High plant density allows for high production in a limited space.
​Few nutrients are wasted due to runoff and thus reduce the input cost of nutrients compared to soil techniques.   ​

I am putting in a complete Aquaponics system this year as well as expanding our hydroponics system. We will be video taping our progress, watch for the link.

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